The Famous Negative Interest Bug

Many people remember an unintended "feature", or bug, in the Apple ][ version that allowed you to pay Elder Brother Wu more than you owed. You could then collect negative interest at his same exorbitant rate.

Since this was obviously a mistake, after long thought I decided not to include it in my online version.

However, this is probably the #1 thing that people write to me about.

Therefore, if you can't live without it, please send me $1.00 via the PayPal link below and then I'll give you the link to the secret version so you can accumulate negative interest again.

(Yes, I'm a capitalist, just like Li Yuen! Consider this playing real-life "Taipan!". And hey, it's an otherwise free game. And $1.00 is cheaper than the original.)

If you donated and didn't get the email with the link, just write to me directly and I'll forward it: